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IUFRO LOGONA STRONKE PRZEWIJANAThe ongoing transition towards sustainable forest management has led to a need for new knowledge and skills on forest and forestry. With the prospect of a bio-based economy we may expect an even broader and profounder demand of competence. To stay competitive, and to develop new services and products, the entire sector will thus require a more diverse knowledge base and a readiness to reconsider traditional and gendered notions of forest and forestry and forestry professions. Further, to become attractive for categories of individuals that yet haven’t considered forestry as an interesting field of work and career, is therefore crucial to ensure the social and economic sustainability. This will in turn call for a development of current learning processes and innovative approaches that takes gender into account.

The diverse learning processes of forestry, e.g. socialisation of family and organisation, informal and formal education at various levels, vocational training, are nodes for meeting the social and economic challenges of the sector. In practice and knowledge production, these processes are in various ways shaped and gendered by the male domination of the sector.Therefore positioning gender, as a field of knowledge on the forestry and research agenda, is vital to securitize, deconstruct and develop the learning processes and the knowledge base of forest and forestry.


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